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2015-2016 Awards, Interviews, Featured

  • Warrior

    2015 | Telegraph 2015 Travel Photography Competition. Image of the Year Winner

  • Golden Hour Approach

    Digital Photo Magazine | Behind the Shot Interview & Photo publication. 2015-11

  • Light Meditation

    Telegraph 2016 Winner. In contention for 2016 end of year Big Picture of the Year.

Guilin Photos

  • Warrior

    2015 | Telegraph 2015 Travel Photography Competition. Image of the Year Winner

  • Secret Creek of the Li River Guilin

    The two oldest original cormorant fisherman (brothers 78 and 83) who have become my good friends over the 8 years I have lived in Guilin, China. As a British guy, speaking Chinese really opens doors and possibilities I would not have otherwise. This location is on a secret creek by the Li River, in Guilin China. This was taken during a minor flood while guiding and leading a workshop for Guilin Photography Tour for when a small river can form. I love this location because it's the original fishing waters of the two brothers, away from houses, farms, and civilization. It's rare to be able to shoot this location, and although no sunset this evening, the blue hour was packed with mood.

  • Xiang Gong Hill Sea of Cloud Threads of Mist

    Guilin landscape photo taken between Guilin and Yangshuo on remote section of river.

  • Golden Hour Approach

    Digital Photo Magazine | Behind the Shot Interview & Photo publication. 2015-11

  • Fast Net

    A Chinese Fisherman throws a fishing net at sunset, releasing the net from his mouth as he throws it out over the Li River, in Guilin China.

  • Rice Terrace Candles and Fireworks

    Amazing display for fireworks and thousands of candles line the rice terraces of Pingan, Longji, Guilin, China.

  • Herby

    A travel photography candid street portrait of a herb farmer at the monthly marketing in Guilin, China.

  • Clocking Off

    A beautiful natural pink sunrise on the Li River, Guilin, China. The fisherman putting out his lamp.

  • TENTative Sunrise

    Andy and Mia's basecamp. Waiting for sunrise at a remote tall peek December 2015.

  • It's You

    The moment a visitor is measured,

  • Kiss of Light

    Sunlight breaking through clouds at Husband Mountain (Xianggong Shan in Chinese).

  • Backstage at the Opera

    Backstage at a beautiful secret local community opera house.

  • Angry Birds

    A fisherman's cormorant catching a fish in the Li River, Guilin, Guangxi, China.

  • Xianggongshan Sunrise

    Guilin Xianggongshan (Xianggong Shan), or Husband Mountain in English, is a beautiful mountain sunrise location.

  • Ascot

    Enjoying the warp effects of a Nikon 14-24 f2.8 with Mr Huang

  • Guilin City Colourful Sunset

    Dramatic colourful sunset from a unique and dangerous rocky outcrop. Placing a unique secret little rural area at the heart of the city.

  • Blue Lagoon

    This unique spot on the Li River offers a rare reflection, due to the stone shaol.

  • The Smeagol

    This location is very difficult to get to, you'll get cuts and bruises and need to use all fours, so we like the call the Smeagol, as it reminds us of the way Smeagol crawls over rocks in the Lord of the Rings.

  • Dragon Mist-ery

    The Dragon's Back rice terrace of Guilin China at Spring.

  • Casting Light

    A Chinese fishermen returning home in a wonderful evening sunset on the Li River, Guilin, Guangxi, China.

  • Front Row Seat

    Local Life

  • Dark Network

    Fisherman checks his net by lamp light on Li RIver

  • Grandma Pan

    This beautiful 90 year old Chinese Yao people group Grandma. Mrs Pan and her family have become our good friends, their a lovely family living in the Longji rice terraces.

  • Guilin City Purple Hour

    A vivid purple sunset just before a lightening storm. The city river's are at bursting point.

  • Guilin Elderly Man

    An elderly man in his ancient Guilin home.

  • Rice Terrace Sea of Cloud

    Sunrise at Guilin's Longji rice terraces.

  • Night Fishing

    A cormorant fisherman on the Li River setting out for the night shift with a friend.

  • Hightide

    A rare sea of cloud rising with the sun on a remote mountain between Guilin and Yangshuo.

  • Raft to Rivendell

    This misty sunrise with a blue filter on this beautiful remote part of the Li River, Guilin China reminded me of a gateway to another world, Lord of the Ring's Rivendell.

  • The Sun & Moon Pagoda

    The Sun and Moon Pagoda in Guilin city, Guangxi, China.

  • Boxed Thinking

    As a society have we really created a better life, cubed, boxed, hemmed in, moving to cities.

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